Monday, February 13, 2012

Camp :: One Week Relationships

Ok, I know what you were probably thinking.  During camps, teenagers from all over the state or country get together.  Being teenagers, hormones rage and love and happiness fill the air...until friday...Well, that's not what this post is about.

A few weeks ago I was reading about building relationships.  A great point was made:

"A unique one-week event is worth 6 months of relationship building for leaders and students."

What that means, is week-long (or weekend) trips are incredibly important to the continued success of your youth ministry.  It means that the people you take to camp as leaders should serve a long-term role in your ministry.  

This year, I'm going to put into practice something I heard Doug Fields talk about doing during his camps.  He would give each one of his leaders $15 or $20 for the week with a simple job... to sit down each day with a student for 10-15 minutes, buy them a drink or snack, and just hang out with them.  I think its a great way to use some resources.

How do you help foster relationships during camps and weekend events?


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