Friday, February 10, 2012

ReFuel Spring/Summer Calendar

Today I released our ReFuel tentative calendar for the Spring and Summer.  Of course, it is subject to change, but I had to get something out about summer dates.

I've learned over the past few years that if I don't communicate far enough in advance, any event will suffer...especially in the summer.  I took this calendar and posted it all over facebook.  On my wall, on our ReFuel page and on our church's wall, as well as our church website.

What methods do you use to communicate to your parents?

1 comment :

  1. Right on with the idea that any event will suffer if not communicated. Especially summer events. With summer being when most families plan/book vacations and there being so many other school related camps, its important that your info is out there as early as possible so that parents can choose your event first over others and plan the others around it.