Thursday, April 7, 2011

Volunteer of the Day :: Tim Darst

Tim, in all his bearded glory
Tim Darst is my nominee for Volunteer of the Day.  He is one of our AMAZING volunteers.  Tim grew up as an underprivileged Somalian girl...

...wait, no.  He grew up in Ennis, TX.  He is a small guy, but played center under Gram Harrell (of Texas Tech fame) for 6 years (JH through HS).  He'll tell you he won 6 4A High School State Championships.  I think they went to the 4A State Championship football game twice and won once.

He graduated from ETBU with a degree in Religion.  One thing that makes Tim incredibly unique is this: he used to have my job...yep.  Thats right.  After he graduated, he expected to go one way with his future, and the church expected to morph its job description of the youth minister to something else.  He didn't get fired or anything, but I know that it took some great heart and leading by God to come back to the place you left.

Oh, and another thing... He's married to my sister.  Now, if you know my sister and myself, then you would know that he should lose credit for being my sister's husband...  But, he's an awesome guy.  Through circumstances, God has had them remain in our area.  Their plan was to move to the Dallas/Ft.Worth area, but they have been here instead.  Tim leads our Wednesday night worship, leads a Wednesday night small group (called "Ride the Raven"), and helps teach our incredibly insane Jr. High Boys Sunday School class (which consists of about 10-12 7th graders and 1 or 2 8th graders).

He has been incredibly faithful to God and Crossroads over the past two years.  Now, Tim is actively seeking a full-time Student Minister position.

 If you're a casual reader or a visitor who knows of a church looking for an amazing youth minister or a worship leader with a great heart, guitar, and voice...please let me know.


  1. ...and YOU should lose credit for not putting an apostrophe in "sisters husband"...BOOYAH.

    Yay for Tim!!