Friday, February 24, 2012

Youth Band :: Vol. 3 - LIVE!

I'm pretty proud of our youth band and what we've accomplished in the past year.  Its crazy to believe that they started playing together only a year ago.  I looked back, our first tryout date was February 2011.  This is what we looked like then:

They were actually quite good.  2 things helped then...We were playing a strictly G-C-D-C song, and my brother in law, Tim, was on the acoustic keeping them all together.  There was also not much pressure. They didn't know I was recording and there was nobody else in the room.

We quickly began to add pieces to our group.  We have a rotating group of vocalists and bassists.  We have a totally student led band now.  There are only a handfull of weeks that they don't lead.  They have built up quite a repertoire of songs (big word, right?) and can learn almost any song in a week or two.

This week, we tried something new.  Using inspiration from the David Crowder Band's b-wack twin, we tried using 2 percussionists.

On the video, you'll get to hear an old favorite, "How He Loves," and their first time to use "Like a Lion."  Enjoy!


  1. When do they perform for the older kids (adults)??? lol. What time are practices? I want to bring Noah and Tucker in to listen and watch, if that'd be ok.

  2. Thanks for checking it out Clay. We practice almost every Sunday at 5 in the youth room. I'm sure nobody would mind if you popped in one day. The youth band usually leads a Sunday morning service in May