Saturday, October 22, 2011

Budgeting in Ministry

I am sitting here looking at budget numbers from this past year and trying to make projections for the next year.  As you are aware, the economy has taken a big hit in the past few years.  At Crossroads, we are still in the midst of a building campaign.  God is good and our church is growing, but our money coming in is not.  Perhaps you are in the same boat?

Having a new building, there's often a lot of stuff to buy.  It also felt like we had a bit of wiggle room this year, so I purchased a few things I might not have in other years.  I was sitting here looking at the big numbers and percentages, and was surprised about what I found.  One downer, I did not have as much 'bank' as I supposed...

This year, I had one lump sum to use.  Next year, I'm going to break it down into 'lines' (not officially, just for planning) to try to figure out the best way to proceed.  

Camp: 43.1%
Disciple Now: 22.1%
Events (fun stuff): 9.9%
Praise Band: 6%
Mission Trip: 3%
Dounts: 3% ?!

I was pretty excited that the bulk of our budget went to major life-change type events.  At the same time, I know there's a way to reduce costs.  We picked up about 60% of each students camp costs.  We took 36 people.  The cost of camp was $215.  We only charged students $100, and siblings were $50.  We also covered staff members' students (5 students).  This year, we're going to a Student Life Camp (around $300).  We are going to have to do more fundraising.

We are also going to have to charge more for D-Now.  We had 40 students at D-Now and the registrations only covered about a fourth of the cost.  

I also wanted to point out that our super-affordable Mission Arlington trip ate up as much funds as we have spent on donuts so far.  I should point out...our budget resets in January.  Its only October and I'm just about out of money.

How does your budget work?  Have you thought about your percentages?  What programs do you use to manage your ministry budget?


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