Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Synthesizing Hobbies and Ministry

I should win 2 and a half bonus points for a clever sounding title.  Being a youth minister in East Texas seems like a blessing and a curse.  Every event and ministry opportunity has to be planned around the behemoth that is Sports.  The problem is that most of the sports happen 30 minutes away from my house.

I actually like sports.  I really like sports.  They just seem to dominate things here.  I know going would be good for me to hang out with other students and parents as well as be a part of their normal lives.  Already being away from my family for ministry events, its sometimes hard to want to watch a football/volleyball/basketball game.

But then I start to think..."What if I bring my camera?"  That is when it all changes.  I go from a stand-sitting spectator fool to a sidelines standing part of some young kids' lives and memories.  I get to talk to the students and encourage them.  I get to capture some great memories.  I get to meet a lot of kids who don't go to our church or who aren't a part of our youth ministry.  Its been a really great year of hanging out with these athletes.  Instead of spending all my time upset at this reality of life, I begin to embrace it and do the best to minister within it.

What about you?  Do you combine any hobbies with ministry?  Music? Fishing? Video Games?  I wish sleeping were a valid hobby...


  1. Ministry is my hobby, Jeff. #JesusJuke

    Seriously, though, I think my blog grew out of that exact idea. I post short articles and silly drawings, but my honest goal is to get people to engage scripture and God in a new way. And if someone can figure out to start a "napping ministry," I'd be all over that.

  2. If there were a napping ministry...well, many people both inside and outside the church walls engage in a napping ministry each sunday around 11:00 am :)