Monday, August 22, 2011

Our Mission Trip with an Unexpected Mission, pt 2.

Our first day at the church was spent leading worship in the morning and passing out flyers in the afternoon about the upcoming backyard Bible schools. We were really eager to get started telling others about God.  We were surprised by a few things:
  • Not many kids showed up...because...
  • Durangoites don't really get up and going until around 10 or 11...and
  • The weather is beautiful, and the parks get really 11 or 12
We had one or two litte faithful kiddos coming each day.  I'm glad we got to share God with them, but we found that we had a huge opportunity at the park still.  We learned a few other things:
  • There is a huge number of parents who take care of their kids while their spouse works
  • These parents crave conversation and 'grown up' time
  • The church (right across the street) has a huge mission field (right across the street)
We were able to introduce these people to the pastor of FSDBC.  Even if they don't ever step foot in the church, they will remember that people at that church are kind and want to help.  I think the church also really realized for the first time what a great mission field they had.

We also found that the places we served in the afternoons were in desperate need of help...especially the food pantry and ReStore.  They have the potential to do great work there, but they are pretty under-staffed.  We had a great time of service.


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