Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Our Mission Trip with an Unexpected Mission, pt 1.

I just got back from a mission trip to Durango, Colorado.  We had A LOT of stuff happen on this trip, so I'll have to break this up into a multi-part post.

About 40 of our church family went on this trip, 8 of them were students.  12 of us spent about 20 hours driving 1028 miles over 2 days in our trusty 15 passenger church van.  We went there to help First Southern Baptist Church (FSBC) of Durano, Colorado.

Half of our group went to do construction/renovation projects at the church.  They mostly scraped and repainted the entire outside of the church buildings.  They did a GREAT job.  These guys and gals worked with a passion!

The other half had multiple jobs consisting of the remaining half running backyard Bible schools in the mornings and rotating through 4 other jobs in the afternoon (working a food pantry, working a habitat for humanity restore, cleaning up the Animas River Trail, and building relationships with teens at the skate park).

The town of Durango is a very trendy beautiful place.  Surrounded by mountains and streams. It was hot for Colorado...Low 90s in the day and 50s in the evening.  I was in heaven!  But, the economy is Jobs are scarce.  There's many families with only one parent working.  The park that we led our Bible school at is is the biggest family park in town.  It is also RIGHT across the street from the church!

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  1. I'm sure you're ridiculously busy, but I look forward to reading parts 2 through 9..or...however long it takes! :)