Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Youth Band :: Vol. 2

We finally had a chance to have some auditions and such on Sunday.  We didn't have as many students there as are interested.  A few had to be out for various reasons.  Those who weren't able to be there will still probably have a role, they'll just be used as backups and such.

We've had quite a bit of stuff going on in our church family on Sunday nights the last months, and haven't met for two weeks.  The two weeks that we did meet, we kept it simple.  Some of our students are not just learning how to play in a band together, but are learning their instruments, so we did some simple GCDC stuff... "Ever Move I Make" and "Open the Eyes of My Heart."  We also threw in "Famous One," but didn't use it for audition purposes.

I have to say that I'm so proud and excited for and about these students!  They did an awesome job.  Sarah and I talked about how absolutely terrible we were when we first started playing together in high school.  These students ROCK!  Lucky for me, I had my flip camera handy and recorded a few clips.  Here's what they sounded like:

Now, we had a few other girls sing, and all of them did AWESOME.  Tim did play acoustic for us for this clip, but he was the only adult up there.  Now, they were ALL nervous (it was tryouts) and they were just playing to be heard by adults...not in a worship setting...but listen to them!  This was just them trying a snippet of the song to test the singing key.

I was so proud, and had a great laugh when our bassist in training, Wess, panicked when we decided to change the key of the song for the vocalists... Tim put on a capo, so what did we do? Wess only knows those few notes for now...We capo'd the bass!

I'm so excited about this youth band.  Every one of these students are a part of the leadership track, and I really look forward to teaching them how to lead worship...not just musically, but with their lives and hearts!


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