Wednesday, February 16, 2011

First Small Groups Tonight!

After the weather put us out of commission last week, I am really looking forward to our first 'regular' week of small group Bible study. We've got 7 different groups with an average of 6 students each. I'm totally pumped to see what will happen.  I may be totally surprised, hopefully in a good way, but if not, flexibility is the word for the next few weeks.  We will probably need to move some students around at first, but we'll get it down.

3 Predictions Sure to go Wrong:
  • We will have a different dynamic
  • There will be different attendance
  • There will be more ministry

This really is going to be a different dynamic.  We usually begin at 6 with a funny video and announcements, followed by four or five songs, a game, and then a whole group message.  We have a lot of 'stuff' before the message.  For this first week, we are only doing announcements, 2 songs, a short game, a short introduction by me, and straight into small groups.  There will be much more time with the small group.

I also expect attendance to be different.  I don't know if it will go up or down...just different.  Being a part of a small group is a commitment.  Our core students will obviously stay. We have some fringe students who will be drawn in, since they are committed to a group...but we may have a few that feel pushed away.  I pray that this doesn't happen.

There will be more ministry!  Sure, I am the youth pastor, but I have some amazing volunteers!  As they teach the students, they will become the minister.  I'm most excited about this.  I love to hang out with students and get to know them, but with a group for more than a handful, its difficult to invest in their lives like they need.  With small groups, their leaders will do more investing!

[begin theme music] So, how's it going to go down?  Am I going to be right or wrong?  Find out next exciting episode of "Students Will Eat You!"  [/end theme music]


  1. Prayed for you guys tonight! Can't wait to hear how the change is going for you all!

  2. Thanks so much Mary. How did a student actually almost eat you tonight? That's crazy!