Thursday, February 17, 2011

ReFuel in Review #4

Wednesday Small Group Series: Life Has a Purpose: Making Significant Connections.
Sermon in a Sentence: God created us to live life in community with other believers

Bible: Genesis 2:18
Attendance: ?? students/17 Leaders (I forgot to collet roll sheets from small group leaders)

Understandable Message: It is not good for the man to be alone." God speaks everything into creation and says "it is good" after each day. God gives Adam the responsibility of naming the animals. The only problem is they didn't speak back. Adam was lonely, and for the first time God says, "It is not good"-in this case, for man to be alone. We were created to experience life together. We are better together! A small group can fill that basic need that humans have to be connected with others on a deeper level. We can make the small group a safe place where members can be real and honest about their lives and get help from each in order to become more like Christ.

Element of Fun/Positive Environment: We played another round of Impossible Shot. Nobody made it. We also tried a new game called "Why?/Because." On entering, students were prompted to fill out one of two cards and drop it into a box. They were to come up with a "why" question, or a "because answer." We drew 3 sets of why/because's. Each person whose card got drawn were given 50 points for their team, and we voted on which combination was funniest.

Media: As a part of our lesson, we watched a clip from the Movie "Castaway." We used it to illustrate how we need community, we cannot survive without some sort of fellowship or friendship.

Favorite Moment: It felt like FOREVER since we've met last. Its cool to see students already buying into the small group idea and seeming excited about least their facebooks make me think this. My favorite moment actually occurred in our small group time. At the end of the lesson, we got a paper and wrote down some rules for our small a small group covenant. Each student signed it. To me, this made it seem official to our students, and they seemed excited about it.

Worship Playlist: Happy Day, Beautiful Things

Next Week: Live has a Purpose 3/5: "Growing in Your Faith: Friendship with God"


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