Monday, February 14, 2011

What to do on Valentines Day?

Today is Valentie's Day.  I don't want to start any discussion on the validity/commercialism of this said day, but would like to recap what went down.

I had a GREAT idea.  What if I dressed up like Cupid and took some flowers to Sarah?  I'm talking about a large diaperish thing, some fake wings on my back, and a fake bow and arrow strapped around my bare chest, complete with sandals. I went out early and got a potted Orchid for Sarah's class.  As I wrapped the sheet around my waist to form a diaper, I couldn't contain my excitement.  What would the school think?  Would I get arrested?  Would the kids think I was sooo awesome?  Would Sarah laugh or be totally embarassed?  As I walked into the front door, I was glad that I did not act on this idea.  I may have been arrested.  Instead, I brought her a potted Orchid and a lunch from Sonic. 

After that, I went home to work on a project I'm in the middle of (mixing a band called Modern Miracle...We tracked 3 demo songs on Saturday...more about this in a future post), and did a few other odd jobs.  I then met Sarah, and we went to Colin's Valentine's Day party at his daycare.  We walked in to a puddle of vomit being cleaned up...awesome.  It was really fun to see Colin playing with his friends.  Sarah and I served them cupcakes, cookies, and cheese.  

It was a beautiful Texas day...the high was in the 70s, so we took Colin and Carley to the City Park.  We had a blast swinging and running around.  Sarah and I decided that it would be awesome to have Valentine's Day we hurried home.

Colin loves to play in the yard and play soccer, so I gave the back yard a quick chop with the lawn mower.  The quickness was not so quick...there were a lot of leaves to mow, so it took a while.  It soon became dark, and I made a fire in our fire pit while cooking hamburgers.  We enjoyed a family meal on the back porch by firelight.  It was beautiful, and SO MUCH FUN!  

What did you do on Valentines Day?

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