Thursday, January 27, 2011

Things I Like :: Design

I love writing about youth ministry.  It gives me a chance to evaluate myself and my effectiveness in my ministry.  At the same time, I have many hobbies which I enjoy.

One of these hobbies is Design.  God has gifted me with some artistic qualities.  He, however, forgot some things (like common sense, and any capacity for remembering things).  I've been an art student my whole life.  Every year of school that we were allowed to choose electives, Art was one of them.  This has manifested itself in many different kinds of work.  I like musical arts (I play some instruments), I like painting, I like photography, and I like Design.

With the advent of computers, design has become a much different thing than it used to be.  As a student minister, I get to use this gift often.  I get to design t-shirts, logos, stickers, flyers, and web banners.  (I'm also the webmaster for our church).  The biggest project I've done this year has to be the brochures for our Together 4 his Glory (United We Build) campaign.  It was satisfying to finish, but it was literally two months of working on it EVERY DAY.  But little by little, I got it together

Most of what I do, I do for our church... so here are some samples of my design work:

5th Quarter poster

Flyer/poster for our upcoming Focus Week
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The Cover of our Leadership Track

The Faith Promise Card for our Building campaign

The Cover of our brochure for the building campaign

The first version of our student ministry's logo
The second version of the logo (not as popular)
Web Banner for last years Focus weekend

An old one I dug up, one of the first projects I did that was not for myself or the church

A church powerpoint slide

A logo/door magnet for a lawn care company

Flyer for a D-Now

A New logo for the Church thats still in progress

So, if you are a fellow youth minister or pastor looking for some design work, I am offering my services to you.  I do consider myself a designer, but I don't consider myself a professional designer.  If you're interested in any of my design services, contact me.  I'd be glad to help out.  I'd also be glad to accept any donations or free lunches!


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