Wednesday, January 26, 2011

ReFuel in Review #2

Wednesday Teaching Series:Jr. High Bible Stuff, "Face to Face with Jesus" (DVD Series with Kurt Johnson, 4/6)
Sermon in a Sentence: God chose to become a human being so that he could talk our language and save us from our sins; his victory over our sin becomes our victory over death.
Bible: John 1:1-3; 14
Attendance: 38 students/15 Leaders

This week was a topic that I approached with a heavy heart...the Gospel.  I was moved to tears during the lesson.  The Gospel has never seemed so powerful and necessary to me.  

Understandable Message: We all love superheroes because they do incredible things!  They battle against the worst of villains.  Being fully God, Jesus was the only one who could battle sin, and WIN.  At the same time, he was fully human.  His humanity made him approachable.  This became an invitation to become a part of HIS STORY!  Becoming a part of his story is not a one time decision, but a commitment to follow him for a lifetime.

Element of Fun/Positive Environment: Push-Up Challenge.  I challenged the students to find the most athletic of their kind.  I gave them a push-up challenge.  It was 2 student's birthdays.  I told them that 3 students could do 20 push-ups in 60 seconds, everybody would get birthday cupcakes. I grossly underestimated the strength and power that a desire for cupcakes could give a student.  All but one reached the goal quickly.  The last was only a few off.  I jumped in to 'take over' for him.  Had my plan worked, the idea was that nobody could reach the goal on their own, that we all need help to the ultimate goal, eternity with God.  After the service, we all enjoyed delicious cupcakes.

Worship Playlist: Blessed be Your Name, Enough, Breathe, Heart of Worship (kicking it oldschool), Famous One

Favorite Moment: I grabbed a kid for some one-on-one evangelism.  He is a great kid who's been coming for a few months.  I really felt like he was on the edge of accepting Christ.  After a long talk, he told me that he'd accepted Christ in his bedroom in November!  Praise the Lord!  We're going to talk to his parents, and hopefully, he'll be baptized soon!

Next Week: Small Group Kickoff


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