Friday, January 28, 2011

Featured Band Friday :: Oh No Oh My

I am a regular forum member on  In 2005, I stumbled upon a fellow forum member who was writing songs in his room with his friends, and recording them on a little cheap Tascam USB interface.

The songs were catchy and grand.  Some of them reminded me of a soundtrack from a muppet move, and I like them.  They called themselves "The Jolly Rogers."  The forum member's real name is Daniel Hoxmeier.  Daniel sent me their first demo CD for the cost of shipping over paypal...they were just friends making music.  Soon, they came out with another CD, and changed their name to "Oh No Oh My!"  Again, I received a burned CD from them for the price of shipping (I later bought their 'produced' product).  I wondered how long it would be until they got noticed...

...It wasn't long.  They have one particularly peppy song called "Walk in the Park" which has been featured in a Jetta commercial and in an Interstate Battery commercial that is playing on the airwaves now!

So, Monday Jan 18th, they released their third album entitled "People Problems."  I enjoy listening to it immensely.   The vocal stylings and music arrangements are amazing.  It reminds me of a mix between the now-defunct Copeland, and Sufjan Stevens.

Here's a small bio from their website:

Oh No Oh My is a four piece indie-rock band based out of Austin, Texas. Members include Daniel Hoxmeier, Joel Calvin, Greg Barkley and Tim Regan; all of whom are multi-instrumentalists.
An active band since 2005, they have toured nationally and internationally alongside acts like Mew, Gnarls Barkley, The Flaming Lips, Au Revoir Simone, and The Deadly Syndrome.
Praised for their upbeat sound and versatile instrumentation, this group is quickly gaining recognition as a very talented and promising indie-rock outfit.

Oh No Oh My's music has always been fun and energetic.  This new album deals with some darker issues, but tells them in the light of this fun and energetic sound.


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