Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Exploding Pants, instincts, and plans B and C. Part 2

So, how did I get through this terrible dilemma?

Well, I had to plan it out.  I could walk through the innards of the basketball gym (the hallways that go to the locker rooms), but ultimately I'd have to walk through that and into the main entrance of the building.  The main entrance to the building is a large open area where 2 entire ladies' basketball teams and parents were hanging out.

What did I do?  I looked at the athletic director for ETBU, David Weaver, and said, "Weaver, you may not be getting pictures of the men's game."  He looked at me with a stunned look.  I continued, "I brought an extra camera in case of emergency, but I didn't bring extra pants."  I pointed to the rip, and his mouth hung open.  He was shocked.

It was at that moment that I had to make a crucial decision.  I spent all day getting those lights in place.  I also hadn't shot much basketball this year and was really excited about it.  Do I call it a day, or do I try to figure out how to cover the game?  I made a choice... I'd be back.  I immediately called Sarah to tell her about my unfortunate situation and to see if she could bring me some pants.  I answer (repeated 3 times).

I only had a small window of time before the next game, so what did I do next?  I manned up.  I walked quickly with a straight face without making eye contact with anybody and booked it out of there, just as I had planned.  Did anybody notice?  I hope not.  Plan B failed...I could not get a hold of Sarah.

So, I commenced to plan C.  Plan C was to run to the ETBU bookstore and buy some ridiculously overpriced sweat pants.  As I ran to the bookstore, I was praying that they were going to be under $30.  "We can't afford that," I thought.  Well, it didn't matter, because the bookstore was I started to run for the truck.  After 2 more attempts, I finally got a hold of Sarah.  I was back in some form of plan B... Lets call it "Plan B, Revision 2"

So Sarah and I were speeding from different directions to meet in the middle.  Did she make it in time?  Did I make it back in time?  Find out on the next exciting episode...


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