Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mission Trip "What If?" List

Our youth ministry is traveling to Arlington, TX for a mission trip this weekend through Mission Arlington.  We will be leading a backyard bible school in the mornings and doing various jobs for them in the afternoons.  We are going with good friends Jared Greer and Daniel Norton (of First Baptist Tatum and First Baptist Big Lake).  We are leaving on Sunday after the morning service at 2:00 PM.

Much of the time, groups plan their own trips.  Mission Arlington plans the bulk of the trip, taking care of sleeping arrangements and job selections...but I began thinking about some "What If" questions.  Interestingly enough, Sarah and I went to a training at SYMC led by the guys at Group Workcamps.  They had some great insights, and gave us a list of "What If" questions to think about when preparing a trip.

Here it is:  What if?

  • it appears that another group will be using the lodging facility during your trip?
  • there is a bus/van accident?
  • there is a vehicle accident and an adult is seriously injured?
  • a natural disaster hits the area before or during camp?
  • a major utility problem hits and appears unable to be fixed?
  • a key staff must leave the camp because of an emergency at home?
  • food poisoning or illness affects a large number of participants?
  • there is a tragic injury or death at a project?
  • there are technical failures in the worship space?
  • there is a solid general rain that persists and all your 'work' is outside?
  • local gangs are creating problems?
  • one participant (or more) is lost or missing?
  • there is extreme heat during the trip?
  • there are financial difficulties while on the trip?
  • a local partner or police requests a camp 'lock-down' at night during the trip?
  • you receive allegations of sexual misconduct or abuse?

These are all great questions to think about and to have responses ready just in case.  We are lucky that Sarah and I (and a few other leaders) have grown up in Arlington.  We already many facility and person contacts in case of extreme emergencies.

What else would you add to this list?


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