Monday, March 7, 2011

Heading Home :: I Hate Goodbyes

Sarah and I are packing up or stuff, shuffling bags and their contents around, getting prepared to go back to Texas.  It has been a great weekend.  We got to worship with 3000 other youth pastors from all over the nation (and a few internationals too) led by Shane and Shane and Tim Timmons.  We got to experience a great Gungor "Beautiful Things Worship Experience."  We were able to see a renunion concert from the O.C. Supertones!  We met many youth ministers and had lots of great conversations.  I got to eat steak with the SYM podcast crew (on Group's ticket, might I steak was $40)!  And last night, Sarah and I got to partake in a live podcast.

Its been a whirlwind of a weekend, and I feel like God's really moving in not only my heart, but in the hearts of many of my fellow youth workers.

Friday Night, Doug Fields spoke about the fact that teenagers are looking for relationships, looking to be amazed, looking to do something radical, and are looking for healing for their hurts.  It drove home the point that Christ has a transformational voice that all need to hear!

Saturday morning, Louie Giglio spoke about culture (see previous post).  He referenced the troubles and trials of culture to John's authoring of Revelation.  He was in a terrible place, yet he was worshiping God, and in that worship he experienced God in a real way.  When God reveals his glory, people fall down.  We should be people wrapped in humility and honor.

Saturday evening, Ruth Haley Barton spoke heavily about the presence of God.  She is a huge author of spiritual formation material.  She used Moses' leadership through his mostly bad circumstances as a way that people can be strengthened by God through solitude.

Sunday morning, Rick Lawrence gave a devotional talk/object lesson with a video/story called "the strawberry."  It was a great lesson (and WILL be a future youth lesson).  The basic point is that when we are at the end of our rope, God often provides a different way out than we expect.

Sunday evening, Glenn Packiam spoke, and it was incredible.  He talked about the importance of the Kingdom of God.  He talked about the book "Great Expectations."  Having recently read it, I was right with him.  Pip is the main character who is orphaned.  A crazy rich lady, Miss Havisham, invites pip to come play with his daughter.  Later, he receives notice that he is going to receive a huge sum of money and will become a wealthy gentlemen from an anonymous benefactor.  The whole time, he assumes that his benefactor is Miss Havisham and that her plan is for her daughter to wed Pip.  Later in the story *spoiler alert* it is found that Miss Havisham is NOT his benefactor, but a raggedy fugitive.   As believers, knowing the source of your fortune helps you know the purpose of it.  We have been given much, we must also give much.

I also came away with some great worship ideas.  Theres way more to say, but we've gotta get to packing!


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