Thursday, March 24, 2011

Birthdays :: My Youth Rock!

Yesterday was my birthday. I turned 27...thats getting pretty close to 30 (or turdy). The night before, we did a little bit of celebrating at the Stapleton household. A little dinner, followed by some great homemade red velvet cake. Colin sang "Happy Birthday" to me. It was very cute.

So, here comes yesterday. It was a rather uneventful morning/afternoon. I get pretty terrible cellphone reception at church (terrible = no). It was kind of funny to see the facebook notices on my phone pop up. I was super busy and didn't have time to check facebook, but I'd get notices like this, "Sarah Stapleton and 52 other people wrote on your wall."

I don't really expect to get anything for my birthday, or to even make it that big of a deal. I came into the fellowship hall last night for dinner, and what do I see but balloons everywhere and a big sign on the wall that said "Happy Birthday Jeffrey." To top it all off, my students MADE a really funny card, I got a few $10 gift cards from people, and an awesome parent brought cupcakes for everybody. It was awesome!

Now, is there really a reason to celebrate a birthday? I don't think so. Its fun for kids, but I'm older now. Am I celebrating the fact that my immune system has kept me going? That my stupidity has failed to injure me badly?

Last night at ReFuel, we talked about living a life of worship. One of the facebook wall posts was from an ETBU professor, Dr. Elijah Brown. It said simply this, "Happy birthday. Hope you have a meaningful day of reflection." It got me thinking...Most of the time for us, celebrations are inwardly driven. Its MY birthday, these are MY presents. We should take time to stop and reflect during these important times. They should be times of celebration, but the focus should be outward not inward.

So, here's my birthday prayer of celebration:

God, thank you for all the people you've put in my life. Thank you for calling me to work in your church. Thank you for providing such an amazing local body to serve with. Help me to use every breath to lift you up and spread your name. Draw me to yourself so that I can draw others to you. Forgive me for the times when life has only been about me. You are an amazing God. Help me serve you today. May this next year be filled with your presence and worship.

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