Monday, April 11, 2011

Text Messages

I had a incredibly odd text message conversation with somebody on Saturday.  I got the idea to post this from a hilarious recent post over at  

Now for the backstory.  My friend, David, grew up next door to me.  We were best friends.  We rode our bikes 2 miles to school (and 2 back) each day in Jr. High.  We spent countless hours playing video games, building club houses, and eating his food.  He moved when we started High School.

He recently got married, his wife had a baby, and he moved back in to the house he grew up in.  I was visting my my parents this weekend (and celebrating my grandpa's 80th birthday), and my parents had told him that I was coming over.  Saturday morning I sent him a text to see if he was is the conversation:

Me:  Hey man, you up?

David: (30 minutes later) Who is this

Me: Jeff

David: Jeff who?

Me: (thinking, "really, you know I'm here today, you see my truck out the window) Jeff.  Your Mom.  Jeff who would know the password to your computer when we were kids.

(no reply)

Me: Who walked home with you off the bus when you almost pooped your pants in the 5th grade.

David: Umm, are you sure you have the right person?

*Just then I get a text from David...from another phone number*

Real David: Hey man, I've been up since 8.  Wanna come over

Me: I'm so sorry... This totally isn't David!  Sorry!

fake David: This is his brother Brandon, haha

Me: Sorry man, I'm Jeff who grew up next do him

fake David: np bud...haha thats real nice to know about the poop though.  Now I can blackmail him.

So, there you go.  I had an awesome conversation with a fake David.  See what you can come up with for a ministry application by commenting below:


  1. Hmmm...something about worshiping God in spirit and in know, like worshiping the true God, not just the God you think you know, or have made up in your head because "your God" is ______.

    Or, like knowing the Shepherd's voice. If you had been TALKING to the guy on the phone (rather than texting) you might have recognized that it wasn't his voice? (I don't know if you would have, but it's the idea.)

    Eh, thought I'd give it a