Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Free Flow Thought...this could get dangerous

Its been a while since I've blogged.  I certainly apologize for that.  If I were some big youth ministry mogul, I would have somebody write these for me (just kidding).  So, I'm going to try something new today.  I'm going to try and type for 5 minutes without stopping and without pressing backspace.  Lets see what happens.

I'm so pumped about our new youth space.  I can't wait to get into it.  I'm bummed that it is taking longer than expected.  I really need to move those subway booths into the space.  I wonder if the carpet is finished curing, if I can put the booths on them.  I tried to ask Linley the contractor about it, but he was grumpy and busy.  I don't think he likes seeing me coming, I always have questions.  Questions are a good thing to ask, its not that questions are bad, but that they take you away from what you're doing.  Lindley is busy trying to get this stuff done, and here I come.  I bet he kind of gets stressed when he sees me coming...I can tPublish Postell that he's super busy and stressed.  I wonder if the students feel like this about me sometimes.  I get in my own little zone and there's no getting through to me...that must be how Sarah feels some times...I need to be better about not getting into my own little zone.  There's been many times where I've hurt sarah or people in the church because they thought I was too stuck up or something, not that I try to avoid things, I just get too focused on what I'm trying to do that I forget to acknowledge people or even respond to them.  A youth volunteer walked into the room a few days ago and I just stared at them and kept thinking or typing...whatever I was doing.  Oh, I hear Lindley down the hallway, I need to go talk to him.  He's talking about somebody breaking stuff.  Somebody ran over a drain clean out and its going to be a problem.  Perhaps I won't talk to Lindley right now.  Play it cool.  Its almost time for me to go eat with the students.  I wonder if I should just talk to Lindley first, or leave and try my luck later.  I can't wait for the time between High School and Jr. High lunches.  I'm going to the 'general store' to get a ham and cheese sandwich on white bread with miracle whip, and a bag of southern bbq lays.  I'm trying to be healthy, I've ran 2 times this week and have drank lots of water, and much less diet dr. pepper....end

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