Thursday, January 20, 2011

What a great week to start a blog! I am super excited about this new semester.  We have LOTS of amazing stuff going on in our youth group and a lot of amazing stuff in my family, so I thought it would be a good time to start a blog.

First, why would I call a blog "Students Will Eat You?"  That sounds a little extreme, and possibly vulgar.  Do students really EAT you?  In a word, no.  I'm the youth pastor of Crossroads Baptist Church (see the link on the right).  I've been there for two and a half years.  One thing I've learned, is that students can easily consume your life.  That can be a good thing, and that can be a bad thing.  You have to walk the line between caring deeply for them and caring deeply for yourself and your family.  I'm still trying to figure it out...but I absolutely love my students.  Would they eat me?  I suppose they would if we were on a stranded island...I've got some extra stuffing, and should be flavorful.

We had an amazing weekend in our youth ministry.  We kicked off 4 things!?
  • We began prep. for our Spring Break Mission trip to Mission Arlington
  • We held a student ministry leader meeting (15 AWESOME leaders)
  • We kicked off our Youth Band
  • And we kicked off our Leadership Track
All these things happened while planning D-Now (Jan 28-30), getting the house ready for my parents, and preparing to preach for Crossroads on Sunday night.

It was an amazing weekend.  I'm not going to discuss it all, but be on the lookout for 2 upcoming blogs about the youth band, and leadership track.


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