Monday, January 24, 2011

Mentor ME! The Leadership Track

We kicked off our Leadership Track last Sunday.  This has been awesome!  I found out about this material from the BGCT youth conclave last year.  Brett Levy wrote it and gives it to other youth ministers to use as a part of his ministry.  You can contact him here.

The Leadership Track is a program for students who think that they would consider themselves a ‘leader’ in our youth group.  It’s called the Leadership Track, but would probably be more appropriately called the “Discipleship Book.”

The book is not a “program.”  I don’t meet with the students to keep up with their progress but they are held accountable by their adult mentor.  Their mentor meets with them at least once a month and helps keep them on track.  This is the BEST part of the Leadership Track so far!

The book itself is just a 3-ring binder with about 30 'material' pages, and a ream of notebook paper in it.  It starts with a few pages describing the requirements (found below) and a description of each item.  Next is a Mentor Job Description and a list of sample questions for mentors.  Then, there's a convenant that the student, the students parent, the mentor, and the youth minister (me) sign.  After this, there's a page for each month that has:

The 2 memory verses they're memorizing
The book they're reading
The date of their mentor meeting
The assigned Bible readings
Special stuff (D-now invitees, camp invitees, reminders)

The Leadership Track is divided into a few categories, with requirements for each.

The Invite 5 people to Wednesday Night
Invite 5 people to D-Now
Pray for 5 people who don’t know Jesus

 Serve as a connector (greeter)
Know the name of every person in your table-group

Attend five mission events.

Attend Worship and Bible Studies
Keep your Quiet Time Journal
Keep your Prayer Journal.
Keep your Note Taking Journal

Monthly Adult Mentor Meeting
Read two books and write a summary of them throughout the semester
Read the assigned Bible passages
Memorize 10 Bible Verses (2 a month)

Service Project

If you have any questions about this, or just want to comment, do so below.  I'll get back to you ASAP!


  1. I think this is the best thing that has happened/is happening in the youth ministry. I think you are greatness and I am proud of you and our youth.

  2. Your greatness is greater than my greatness multiplied by the common denominator which is, of course, squidders